“Raaz” /raahz/ (Farsi): Secret

Raaz Tea Blends was founded after a series of events during the Covid-19 lockdowns in Sydney, Australia. As most would understand, the stresses and health issues caused by the rippling effect of the Pandemic triggered a series of events that lead us to where we are today.

After designing my first tea blend – Sleepy Tea – I challenged myself to create a blend targeting mental-health (Clarity). These two blends served a purpose that ultimately sparked a desire within me to continue to research, blend, and perfect these tea blends. 6 tea blends later, our tea became so popular amongst friends and family, I was urged to turn this into a business. There was no intention to start a Tea business when this journey began however, seeing how these tea blends have positively affected the health of my friends and family, I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to go into business with my Son with the sole objective of spreading the goodness of my tea blends to all tea-lovers.

We are very excited about the prospect of sharing our pure intentions with you. We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy the flavours we have blended for you.

With Love,




Our Story


Raaz Tea Blends is a story with humble beginnings and with ‘love’ at its core.  

The timeline starts in the middle of the 2020 lock-down in Sydney, Australia. My Son had just lost his job and the stress of the pandemic was affecting his mental health.

After a painful month of watching his well-being deteriorate, I decided to take matters into my own hands and work on a natural, Ancient Persian remedy that would aid his sleep and boost his mental health. After tireless research, trial and error, I was able to blend a series of herbs and flowers, designed to aid a good nights rest. Although not a tea drinker, he reluctantly agreed to try the tea. A reluctant sip turned into a delightful gulp and soon the warm cup of ‘magic’ had been completely consumed. This quickly became a nightly-routine. He was able to fall asleep feeling relaxed and awoke each morning, feeling refreshed.

And with that, “Sleepy Tea” was born and so too, was a journey that would lead us to where we are today. 

Raaz Tea Blends – A story about a Mother and her Son. A story about culture. A story about love and tea. A story that is evergreen…