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Our sole objective is to spread the goodness of our tea blends to all tea-lovers.

Looking for an organic leaf tea that is both delicious and healthy? Look no further than our selection of loose-leaf teas! Hand-blended with only the finest organic ingredients, our teas are sure to please. Whether you are looking for a traditional herbal tea or something a little more unique, we have the perfect tea for you.

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Our Story

“A reluctant sip turned into a delightful gulp, and soon the warm cup of ‘magic’ had been completely consumed.”

Our tea is crafted from the finest organic leaves, picked by hand and blended with care. We only use the richest Ingredients inspired by Persian culture, so you can enjoy a cup of tea that is truly unique, and you can't find elsewhere in Australia.

Raaz Tea Blends – A story about a Mother and her Son. A story about culture. A story about love and tea. A story that is evergreen.

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