Tea Infuser Bottle


Double Wall Borosilicate Insulated Glass Infuser Tea Bottle for Loose Leaf Tea.

This Double Wall Glass Infuser Bottle, allows you to separate your tea leaves from your hot water in a convenient and safe way.

Step 1: Seperate all three compartments
Step 2: Place 2 pinches or teaspoons of your favourite Raaz Tea Blends in the smaller “tea house” compartment
Step 3: Screw on the lid tightly onto the smaller compartment
Step 4: Fill roughly 75% of the bottle compartment with hot water (85 Degrees)
Step 5: Tightly screw on the lid and smaller compartment onto the bottle compartment ensuring its secured tightly.
Step 6: Slowly rotate the bottle so the hot water mixes in and infuses with the tea in the smaller compartment.
Step 7: Rotate once every minute to allow the tea to properly infuse with the hot water.
Step 8: After the tea has brewed for 4-5 minutes, slowly unscrew the lid (ensuring you don’t unscrew the smaller compartment) and allow the tea to rest for a minute before you drink.
Step 9: Enjoy your tea!

Optional: Add ice cubes if you prefer to enjoy an iced tea!

Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave.
Please ensure you hand wash only.

Silicone washers are also removable. Ensure all parts of the bottle (including silicone) are completely dry before re-assembling.

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